My work is about testing and exploring the reaction of mechanical processes upon objects and materials. I like to consider the work as a quasi-scientific set of on-going experiments, where I continue to push the creative ‘reactional’ ideas of sound and physics. I work with all types of materials varying from found objects, recycled motor parts and otherwise interesting objects that may have previously had use as ‘active matter’.

My experiments are rooted in the principles and mechanisms of Kinetic art, where viewing the work depends on motion for its effect. This motion often involves combining dysfunctional objects and testing their physicality by implied stress or breaking points. It is the discovery and development of these processes that remains exciting about my practice and continues my commitment and enthusiasm to it. Research is also a key factor in the activation of the work and due to the nature of developing prototypes in their developmental phases, the work evokes discussion and suggestion, both by conceptual and technical means.

Outside the gallery environment my work is able to exist in the public sphere. Some works require audience participation and are generally interactive, enabling the audience to consider and explore artistic and technical possibilities. Interaction can vary  by ways of pushing buttons, flicking switches or even shouting into the built mechanisms. Although I showcase my work in galleries, exhibition areas like festivals or large events often become a great place to observe the work and discuss it, whereby new audiences are able to offer the suggestion of new ideas in the development and production of the work.

Contact: leemcdonaldnl@gmail.com